Transportation of Perishables
– Ice-cream, confectionery
– Frozen goods
– Meat and small goods
– Seafood
– Exporting

– Mechanical refrigeration breakdowns
– Shrink fitting
– Deflashing rubber moldings
– Pipe repairs
– Instrument calibration and testing
– Petroleum core testing

Hospital, Bio Medical Research
– Hospitals, vaccines, blood samples
– Research
– Veterinary services
– Animal freeze branding

– Freeze products quickly
– Wedding dances
– fishermen & campers
– transporting ice cream cakes

How to get the best from Dry Ice
Purchase the dry ice the same day you plan to begin using it and use either a polystyrene container or a good quality eski
Ideally place the dry ice in the centre of the container or eski
Open your eski as infrequently as possible
Store away from direct sunlight or wind
Try and minimise the empty space by using an appropriate size container eg. for a small amounts of dry ice and frozen food we recommend to use a small container and if there is any space left, lay some flattened newspaper on top before closing the lid – newspaper is a good insulator for dry ice.